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Sajari is an extremely fast and fully featured alternative to google site search (both GSS and GSA). If you're looking for a replacement, or you're looking to create a google site-search style search engine, look no further. For a comparison to google GSS features, please see below. If you need assistance, please contact us, we would be happy to assist with your migration.


We've had customers migrate GSS to Sajari in production in minutes


Instant search as you type. You won't find faster search


Adapts to your customers and improves itself based on your customers

Feature comparison with GSS

Below is a basic comparison table outlining how Sajari compares to Google Site Search. If you have any questions please contact us as we are currently assisting many companies and agencies with their migrations.

Feature Google Site Search Sajari Site Search
Index update Periodic Instant
Cross domain search
PDF and DOC support
Content debug tool
Copy and paste install
No advertising in results
Instant search (as you type)
Geo search
Self-improving results
Multi-lingual Latin based languages
Google Analytics Configurable
Adobe Analytics Configurable
BigQuery Analytics

Intelligent Search

Unlike other solutions that require manual tweaking to set the order of results, Sajari is different. By design, your customers teach your results to improve so you don't need to spend your time manually curating results. Our analytics even tell you what has changed and why, so you can see your content through your customers eyes.

We also don't do periodic crawls of your site. As your content is updated, so are your search results. This isn't the 90s anymore, your search shouldn't be looking back in time!

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Sajari enabled Foxtel to replace our physical search appliance in weeks rather than months, with no backend changes. Our search results come through faster, are more relevant, and can now be fine-tuned by the online producers who have intimate knowledge of site content.

Willem Paling

We moved from Solr to Sajari and have only one regret; we didn’t do it sooner!

Daniel Graham
Cirrus Media
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