Better Search, Better Results from Sajari, the Leading Solr Alternative for Drupal Sites

It’s not just better site search. It’s entirely new search engine technology to measurably deliver better results, grow revenue, and improve customer experience, all without breaking your piggy bank.

Introducing Sajari

With Sajari you don’t need a data science degree or an entire team to build great search experiences. With no infrastructure to manage easy to compose steps, and live search preview, you can add advanced search capabilities or adjust built-in reinforcement learning algorithms in minutes instead of weeks.

Search design

Up and running in minutes

Sajari can be added to your Drupal CMS in minutes through a native Drupal search API module. Easily add instant search with spell checking, filters, and autocomplete, and more. Get granular control over search configuration through intuitive Drupal-native controls.
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smart analytics

Search trends

Search trends are the heartbeat of your search solution. Discover trends on how overall search volume and click-through rates change over time and get a high-level understanding of how well your search is performing.
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Natural language processing
Machine learning search
machine learning

Look like a genius

Advanced capabilities such as autocomplete and personalization work out of the box. No configuration required. With built-in machine learning, Sajari automatically improves search relevancy based on user behavior, so your site continuously improves results even when you're sleeping.
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Real-time sync

Instant updates

Changes made in Drupal are instantly indexed and updated in your search. No need to wait for a crawler to come around or hit the sync button manually.
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A/B testing search

How Sajari compares to Solr on Drupal

  • Separate service

    Drupal hosting companies would need to supply Solr service as an extra. Sajari is available as SaaS.

  • Full-text search

  • Facets

  • Scalable

  • Easy install

    Sajari can be configured in the Sajari UI to run from metadata on the page. Sajari provides an embeddable widget.

  • Search API integration

    Both have a native Drupal module.

  • Federation

    Not out of the box for Solr; requires an extra module

  • ReactJS components

    The Sajari interface is faster than a search API as server roundtrips are not needed.

  • Results tracking

    Clicks on search results can be tracked by Sajari to improve search results.

  • Reporting

    Not out of the box for Solr. Requires integration with JMX, MBean, or other metrics services for Java.

  • Autocomplete / suggestions

    Extra module needed for Solr autocomplete

  • Synonyms

    Not out-of-the-box feature. Requires upload a file to the Solr server and alter the Solr schema.xml file with a solr.SynonymFilterFactory property.

  • Typo tolerance

    Not out-of-the-box feature. User needs to use Lucene query language with Fuzzy search + Wildcard search functions.

  • Boosting

    Sajari has advanced boosting ability.


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