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It’s not just better site search. It’s entirely new search engine technology to measurably deliver better results, grow revenue, and improve customer experience, all without breaking your piggy bank.
“We had pushed the [Algolia] pre-sorted, tie-breaker algorithm to its limits. There was no upside left.” customer logo
Dr. Liron Nehmadi | Chief Product Officer

Introducing Sajari

With Sajari you don’t need a data science degree or an entire team to build great search experiences. With no infrastructure to manage easy to compose steps, and live search preview, you can add advanced search capabilities or adjust built-in reinforcement learning algorithms in minutes instead of weeks.

Search design
Build search experiences in minutes

Design your search experience

Design custom, instant search experiences right out-of-the-box with the built-in search interface builder or via the React.js and JavaScript libraries. The Sajari crawler and search APIs can index even the largest site or e-commerce store in in less time than it take to brew a cup of coffee.
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design your site search

Smart features

Spell checking, suggestions, synonyms, natural language processing (NLP), advanced language processing, and other search features are available out-of-the-box and can be easily fine-tuned for your users.
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Natural language processing
Machine learning search
machine learning

AI-powered Search

With build-in machine learning at no extra cost, Sajari learns to serve better results and search suggestions, based on your data and user interactions. Easily adjust and test different learning models. Watch your click-through rates climb as Sajari learns what your customers want.
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continuous improvement

Powerful A/B testing

A/B test unlimited search configurations in real-time without duplicating your index data. Each configuration can be versioned so customers can easily compare results or re-test older versus newer algorithms to find the one that works best.  
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How Sajari compares to Algolia

  • Fast search

  • Search works out of the box

  • ReactJS and Javascript libraries for building beautiful search results

  • A/B testing without the need to reindex content

  • Machine learning and NLP included at no extra cost

  • Editable algorithm and testing

  • Instant relevance preview for multiple search configurations

  • Crawler and advanced analytics included in standard pricing

  • All features included in standard pricing; no add-on pricing

  • All-inclusive, simple pricing


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