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A vastly improved search experience

Illustration showing query being searched in multiple data items

Blue screw or BXZ016778909 SKU?

Brand names, colors, SKUs, descriptions, makes and models. Your customers remember parts in many different ways. Sajari allows them to search your site in any way they choose, not just with database language.

Online search experience synced to your inventory

Sajari Instant Indexing always keeps your data updated. All the information is available for users to search as soon as it gets added onto the website. It’s updated automatically by our crawler, and can also be made possible through API integration.

illustration of instant indexing
Illustration showing alternatives for out of stock items

Out of stock? Provide alternatives to users

Don’t let your customers abandon your site due to unavailability of stock, recommend options to keep them engaged.

Help users with assistive technologies

Whether it’s your customer support staff or the user, no one likes to enter the complicated, lengthy product codes and SKUs. Use autocomplete or provide drop-down suggestions based on your own nomenclature, and also autocorrect to fix typing mistakes for users.

Illustration showing Autocomplete
Illustration of facet and filters

Enable enhanced navigation for your users

Empower your users with the ability to filter content & use facets to drill-down to the relevant content quickly.

Staying customer centric - a case study

A leading machinery and equipment manufacturer uses Sajari for its website search. Sajari indexes all content and metadata on the site, allowing users to search in a natural way, whether it's searching for the product page on the website, part IDs, SKUs or supporting documents like product manuals.

The manufacturer also enables users to effectively browse the results by filtering on specific categories and surfacing details like SKUs, stock quantity and delivery times in the same window.

By using search analytics, the manufacturer can optimize content creation by knowing which products are trending or which pages are frequently visited. The manufacturer also identifies search terms that have fewer interactions, giving them a heads up on inventory that is not likely to move. Lastly, because the end user can find more information without the need to contact the manufacturer, thousands of dollars in support costs are saved.

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Analytics made for action

Discover insights from search data and search interactions that your users take visually.

Screenshots of Sajari Analytics

Follow up with actionable steps to improve your website search experience.

Illustration showing synonym use case
Illustration showing a trending query

Sell more of your inventory with Sajari.

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