Sajari Use Case

Government Site Search

Improve customer experience with AI-powered search for government websites.

Experience self-service for yourself:

905 Hours

That’s how long a customer service employee works per year if they spend half their day answering questions that can be found on your website.

Government websites are full of constantly changing content and have many stakeholders. When users can’t self-serve from a search, they go to your staff. Smart site search gets your users to the information they need - without going through your support desk.

Why Sajari for Government?

Instant Indexing

Instant Indexing ensures that any time a new page is published or updated, the new version is added to your index instantly. Indexing is fully automated - which means less work for you.

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illustration of instant indexing
Illustration of search boosts

Relevance tuned by you

Build your own customized search algorithm, to determine how your results are made relevant. Want to boost page descriptions? Or recently updated pages? Easy.

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Filters and facets

Filters and facets are now an expectation users have when running a search on your site. Generate a pre-filtered interface from the Sajari Console, or build your own facets using meta tags.

Actionable analytics

Monitor unsuccessful search terms, and learn what your users are searching for. Drill down further into search query success by segmenting analytics by IP address and geolocation.

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Custom Boost Rules

Have you ever needed to boost search results on one page, but restrict them from another? Sajari’s Custom Boost Rules give you granular control to boost or downweigh search results from anywhere on your site.

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Search at blink-speed

Every second a user has to wait for search results, the more likely they are to abandon your site. We’ve engineered our platform to be as fast as possible, so your users get to what they need - faster.

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Plus all our regular features:

  • Instant Search - Search results display instantly as users type.
  • Build-Your-Own Interface - Design an interface from your Sajari Console, or use our SDKs.
  • Autocomplete & Suggestions - Based on your most popular queries and your content.
  • Spellcheck - Fix spelling mistakes with models based on your content and products. Works in all languages.
  • Cloud-Based - No infrastructure or surprising costs, just a reliable service that scales with your business.
  • Distributed - Built on Kubernetes with multizone regions and clusters, so you won't go down.
  • Promotions - Pin pages to the top of the results for certain queries.
  • Synonyms - Set custom synonyms unique to your business.

Let your citizens experience self-service.

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