Use Cases

Learn how Sajari helps thousands of businesses around the world create relevant customer interactions.


Construct customized relevance algorithms that maximize revenue while delighting your customers with targeted shopping experiences.

Search is the most critical component of your online store’s success. Sajari’s uniquely flexible ranking system allows you to influence results using key performance data like conversion rate and margin so your search supports your commercial success.

Ecommerce stores using Sajari can customize and adjust their own personalized search algorithm, using key business and user data to control how users browse their store.

Find out how Catch, Australia’s largest online retailer, optimized its site and app search using Sajari’s machine learning-driven search solution to display more relevant products, boost conversion rates and increase profit.

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Brand Websites

Create relevant search experiences that bring your customers closer to your brand.

Sajari enables global businesses like Unity, the United Soccer League, and Canva to deliver highly relevant site search experiences in multiple languages.

Many businesses like these global leaders leverage Sajari’s comprehensive analytics to understand their customers’ needs, then deliver the best results by combining their business rules with Sajari’s re-ranking AI.

Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin uses Sajari to seamlessly search in multiple languages across their many international websites, ensuring customers and the public can clearly understand their business and easily discover their products.

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Increase self-service amongst your citizens while reducing operational expenses.

Government agencies of all levels trust Sajari to serve their citizens the most relevant and useful information to their queries.

New and updated content becomes searchable immediately with Instant Indexing, and self-optimizing AI learns from citizen interactions to deliver the most useful search results.

Service NSW

Service NSW relies on Sajari’s AI-powered search algorithm to deliver residents the most useful answers to their questions. More citizens can self-serve answers to their own questions on-site, providing an enjoyable user experience and reducing customer support tickets.

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Keep your content responsive to reader trends to increase engagement and depth of interaction.

Bring your content discovery experiences to life with lightning-fast visual search and personalization.

With Sajari, editorial businesses are able to let their customers discover the full breadth and depth of their content; improving time on site, page views and repeat visits.


Lifestyle use Sajari to help their customers discover what to cook tonight through a high-performance visual-search interface with instant results. AI-driven ranking ensures results automatically adapt to seasonal trends.

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Research and Academic

Deliver value to your stakeholders from rich content sources. Search with natural language, classify complex documents and search with automated facets and filters.

Research and intelligence focussed organizations use Sajari to create meaning from vast information repositories including reports, documentation, white papers and data sets. Sajari’s clustering and classification system have helped businesses add structure to their data for easier search and filtering.

Australian Institute of Family Studies

Read how the Australian Institute of Family Studies implemented Sajari and improved stakeholder satisfaction.

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