Better search, reduced costs

We power millions of requests while reducing costs for businesses - search is what we do. At scale, we can deploy and manage resources for many customers at a fraction of the cost it takes to deploy, manage, monitor, configure and pay for hardware.


Instant search as you type, updated with every key press.


Indexes learn from search performance to improve themselves.


No more deployments, servers to manage, or people to monitor.

The fastest full-text search

Many of our queries take less than one millisecond to process. In fact, they are so fast that your requests spend most of their time in transit and very little time in our data centers.

And we aren't just fast: queries are being processed with whatever ranking you choose. You don't have to pre-build indexes with specific ranking configurations, you can choose how to rank on each individual query and have it processed live.


Fully featured

Sajari is a fully featured search engine that is highly customizable for complex applications. We support features such as auto spell correction, synonyms, facets, aggregations, simple and complex boosting, weighted queries, personalization and much more.

High Performance API and SDKs

Our API is based on gRPC for speed, maintainability and language flexibility. RPC stands for "Remote Procedure Call", which allows functions to be executed in our data center from within your code. This frees developers from worrying about creating requests and parsing responses. The data structure is already defined in the SDK itself. Additionally this makes the gRPC definitions the source of truth, so it's possible to generate SDKs for many additional languages.

In terms of speed, gRPC uses HTTP2 and can stream data instead of standard REST style request response. This is noticeably faster, particularly for streaming multiple records, as is the case with our "Multi" functions for adding and removing records.

From an interface design perspective, our ReactJS library simplifies the integration of search into websites and apps. The library is designed to simplify search interfaces into building blocks, which makes it much faster to build amazing interfaces.

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Millions of requests daily. Happy customers around the globe:

Sajari enabled Foxtel to replace our physical search appliance in weeks rather than months, with no backend changes. Our search results come through faster, are more relevant, and can now be fine-tuned by the online producers who have intimate knowledge of site content.

Willem Paling

We moved from Solr to Sajari and have only one regret; we didn’t do it sooner!

Daniel Graham
Cirrus Media
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