Create custom algorithms to match documents, people, jobs, products, and more.

Build your own customized matching service, tuned with your data and self-optimizing to your business goals.

Popular matching applications include:

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Profile Matching

Easily tune algorithms to match profiles in social applications, dating, education and knowledge bases.

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Real Estate & Property

Tune your algorithm using your own data; upweight and downweight attributes like geolocation and review ratings on-the-fly.

Document matching
Documented Processes

Automate fraud detection, trademark infringement and other legal & research processes.

How it works

Add your data

step 2
Define your matching strategy

step 3
Create your API

step 4
Start matching

Build your own matching solution

Match on your terms

Whether you’re matching hundreds or hundreds of thousands of records; whether you’ve got five or five hundred fields; whether you need to match text, numbers, lists, categories, locations or all of them combined; we’re here to help you build the right system for your needs.

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Illustration of structured-unstructured data matching

Structured or unstructured

Sajari works natively with structured data, but we also love unstructured data. Plus, you can create structure from unstructured text using pattern and phrase matching. Choose the weight to apply to each field for the match.

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Good. Better. Best.

Arriving at the right matching strategy can be tricky. Our analytics, machine learning and AI models are designed to sort the signal from the noise, determining which parts of your data matter to help you get the matching algorithm you’re looking for.

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