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Improve government search

Government sites are often difficult to browse and have huge amounts of content. Sajari search can be added in minutes and can measurably improve user experience through better on-site search.

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Instant indexing
Search domains
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Search one or more sites

Connect Sajari to one or more sites and domains to provide a comprehensive search experience.

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search insights

Identify trends early

Use built-in metrics to improve site search. Search analytics can help you see what searches led your users to individual pages, or which content visitors are searching for but can’t find. 

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Search metrics
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Add rules to boost content

Set broad rules to help define content importance while allowing machine learning to hone in on the optimal result ordering for every visitor.

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A complete search platform

Add search functionality to any government site or across multiple domains in minutes with ease. With continuous indexing, your site will be up-to-date all the time.

Instant indexing

You shouldn't have to wait for your search index to catch up with your content updates. Our instant indexing technology means there's no more waiting for periodic re-crawls. Edits and new pages are added immediately.

Hosted search

Our site search engine is fully hosted and built on elastic infrastructure that scales automatically to meet customer demand. There's nothing for your team to manage or maintain. It just works.

Document search

Sajari can index all your site’s content, including PDFs and DOCX-formatted publications, so visitors can find exactly what they need quickly.


Use the built-in website crawler or connect via the API to index dynamic page content. React and Javascript libraries are available for custom design and integration on your site.  

case study

Government search

Find out how AIFS optimized its site using Sajari’s machine learning-driven search solution to display more relevant pages, boost user satisfaction, and lowered support desk costs.

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“Our site search is now achieving the gold standard of search. In terms of relevance, it’s exceeding expectations.”

AIFS customer case study
Micahel Day | AIFS

“Sajari has been an excellent search solution since installation. The options we have to customize are limitless and the results are ranking really well. Thank you!”

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Roberto Lara | MNYS

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