Sajari for Multiple Languages

What languages can be used to search?

Sajari features support for all Latin script languages (think English, French, Spanish etc.) as well as newly integrated language packs to understand and interpret symbol based search queries for Chinese and Japanese.

Due to the way symbol based languages are formed, specialised code is needed to “split” these characters into words to form a search query - language packs are now available for use on your own website.

Should I create separate collections for each language?

We recommend keeping your collections separate for each language that you are using; when these are not indexed in independent collections users can search with one language and sometimes results can display from another.

The other benefit to having different collections for each language is that separate analytics can be provided for each used - you can then check how separate search queries are performing across each language.

Are more language packs coming?

More languages will be coming soon and we’re happy to create new language packs to support any you might need - for all the details check out our pricing or as always you can get in touch with us at

Some other happy companies using Sajari Site Search
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