Customizing Results & Ranking

Manually ordering results for search queries doesn't scale well.

A lot of search software encourages you to manually order results for specific search queries. We don’t believe a business of any reasonable digital scale should have to set the order of search results for any query. Here's why.

Illustration showing the word Jaguar having multiple meanings
  • You’ve got thousands of customers with different needs, all making different searches, and you can’t possibly know what they’re all looking for.
  • A search for "jaguar" could mean a car, a big cat, a football team or an operating system. Often there is no perfect result that will work for everyone.

We allow you to set broad rules to help define content importance while allowing machine learning to hone in on the optimal result ordering for all your customers.

Other search providers

Manually ordered by a person

emoji of a person
illustration showing a result ranking set ordered by a person

Sajari Site Search

Automated by Machine Learning + Customization Rules

person and machine learning emoji
illustration showing large number of results ranking done via machine learning

Steered by your business rules, our AI models continually optimize results allowing you to focus on your business.

Boost Rules

You know your business best and have unique knowledge that can improve search results for your customers. We’ve designed a boosting system that allows you to upweight and downweight records across a wide variety of content and metadata dimensions.

illustration of creating a boost rule in sajari
illustration of results being boosted

Excluding Results

You can also choose to exclude certain records or types of record from results entirely if you don't want users to find them. Want to exclude all PDFs from your search result? Even an entire site section or subdomain? No problem.

illustration of creating an exclude rule in sajari
illustration of results excluded

Promoting Results

Do you have some new or seasonal content you just have to get in front of your customers? Pin it to the top of relevant search results with Promotions, and maximize its exposure.

Illustration of creating promotion in Sajari
Illustration of search results showing promotion

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