Search is a window into customer intent.

Your search data holds the key to unlocking what your customers want. 
Sajari includes a powerful analytics platform to discover trends and insights from search data.
 Discover what people are searching for, see whether they find it, and then what they do next.


The search behavior of your customers can change frequently. New products, changing market conditions and even the weather can affect customer search behavior. Utilize your search insights to improve content and marketing plans.

Top Queries

Find out your top search queries and their click-through rates. Analyze low performing search queries and address content gaps. Seeing a spike in your trends data? Choose the time period to drill down to and find the queries that might have caused it.

Content Issues

Our anomaly detection is often aware of content issues before you are. If your customers can't find what they're searching for, they'll either abandon your site or seek customer support. Meet your customer needs faster and reduce costs by monitoring Unexpected Trends and Ineffective Searches reports.


Machine learning can be like a black box at times. That’s why we’ve developed Learning analytics. See how our machine learning assesses your content’s relevance for specific customer queries, and where it ranks in relation to similar content.

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