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Add intelligent search to your mobile or web application with Sajari's advanced search platform and search APIs.
Powering billions of queries on more than a thousand sites
Smarter search

Add search in minutes

With Sajari, you can add search to your web and mobile application in minutes through RESTful APIs.
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App search
Machine learning for on-site search
Machine learning

Smarter search

Search results are continuously improved through built-in machine learning that automatically tweaks search ranking based on user behavior to deliver an exceptional user experience.
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easy to customize

Algorithm customization

Easily fine-tune or A/B test the search algorithm to improve search success and help you achieve your key metrics. A real-time preview allows you to tweak new configurations before pushing into production. 
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Search pipelines diagram
Search metrics
search insights

Identify trends early

Use built-in metrics (or connect to your own analytics tools) to understand search trends and poorly performing keywords. Uncover what searches led your users to individual results, or which content users are searching for but can’t find. 
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A complete search platform 

Add search functionality to cloud, iOS, Android, or web apps in minutes with ease.

Fully hosted search service

Sajari is a cloud-native application that is fully hosted so there's nothing for you to manage or maintain. It just works.

Instant indexing

Our instant indexing technology means there's no more waiting for periodic updates. Edits and new pages are added immediately.

Add features intuitively

Add instant search, auto-complete, spell checking, and more with a few keystrokes in the pipeline editor. With Sajari, features that would have taken days or even weeks to build can be added in minutes.


The Sajari REST API and React and Javascript libraries enable you to customize app search through the use of composable components.

Scales to meet demand

Sajari has been battle-tested at more than 1000 queries/second, so it's ready to meet your users' demands anytime. 

“Sajari is a search solution that goes above and beyond what I was expecting - having multiple collections under one account is a game-changer. The support is useful, responsive, and extremely efficient.”

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Neil Aitken | WhatPhone

“I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Sajari to customers and those looking for a great cloud search provider.”

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Paul Bowen | Terabyte

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