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Search is complicated to set up and manage. We work with businesses of all sizes, including multi-billion dollar companies. The requirements may differ, but the issues are the same, we have you covered.


Simple to get running, no infrastructure to manage.


Completely customise your search experience with simple HTML changes.


Understand your audience and how they see your content.

Key Features

Content analytics

Search analytics shows business changes through your customers eyes. Sajari is often aware of your customer issues before you are (as they search to find answers).

Are people finding what they are looking for? Could you add/edit content to be more relevant to your audience? Is there increased demand for certain things? All these questions and more can be answered.



Quickly see if users are finding what they're looking for. Drill into poorly performing queries to identify areas for optimization.

The displayed graph shows 30 day click through rate (CTR) improvement for a Sajari customer.

Onsite search performance directly correlates to increased revenue. Approximately 20% of ecommerce purchases involve an onsite search prior to purchasing.

recommendation results

Sajari offers a powerful site search engine that indexes all your content automatically by adding a small snippet of code to your website. As soon as this is added, your content will begin indexing and become searchable in seconds.

More than just crawling your content, Sajari also learns what is new, popular and much more. This allows your search results to automatically optimize and improve over time. It also enables recommendations to be powered from the same index.

As simple or as complex as you need

Sajari is a fully featured search engine that is extremely simple to install and get running, but highly customizable for complex applications. Everything from indexing to searching can be optimized. See sample demonstrations. Or read more about our features, such as auto spell correction, synonyms, advanced matching configurations and much more.

Simply better results

Queries are automatically optimised based on performance, popularity, recency, etc.

Customizable rankings

Sajari makes your best content shine. Create simple rules to re-rank or exclude content.

Understand your users

Powerful analytics to identify content gaps and optimize search performance.

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Sajari enabled Foxtel to replace our physical search appliance in weeks rather than months, with no backend changes. Our search results come through faster, are more relevant, and can now be fine-tuned by the online producers who have intimate knowledge of site content.

Willem Paling

We moved from Solr to Sajari and have only one regret; we didn’t do it sooner!

Daniel Graham
Cirrus Media
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