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Why Sajari for site search?

Intelligent site search delights your customers. Keep them happy by finding the information they need. Keep them converting by finding the products they want.


Sajari is self-improving. Our algorithm returns the best results, and machine learning optimizes ranking order over time.


Lightning fast, super reliable, and secure, utilizing multiple global data centers so your search doesn't go down.

Cost efficiency

Get cutting-edge technology that's constantly evolving for a fraction of the typical investment, while eliminating infrastructure and maintenance costs.

AI powered search

Better search measurably improves business performance. Surface the right help articles at the right time, show the products most likely to generate sales, and much more. Our machine learning models are constantly experimenting and testing so result relevance (and your click-through rates) improve over time.

Fully featured and flexible

Autocomplete, suggestions, spellcheck

Make your search bar as smart as can be with autocomplete and suggestions. Sajari learns to make intelligent suggestions based on your user behavior, and handles typos and misspellings right out of the box.

Customize your results

Use Boost rules to promote content in your search results, or Exclude results entirely from the index. Pin results of interest to the top of search results, and set synonyms to start speaking the language of your customers.

Instant Indexing

Make new content on your website searchable right away with Instant Indexing. Connect Sajari to your tag manager to add new content to the index without waiting for a re-crawl, or update directly from your web Console.

Build-your-own interface

Design a search interface from your Console and add it to your website in just a few easy steps. SDKs are also available for your development team to build an interface exactly to your specifications.

Speak your customers' language

Sajari works with English and other Latin-based languages, as well as Chinese and Japanese. Need to search another language? We're always taking requests for new language packs.

Analytics made for action

Search is a window into customer intent, and your Sajari Console contains the powerful analytics you need to leverage it effectively. Learn what your customers are looking for, whether they find it, and what they do next. Discover which searches are ineffective, where you might need to improve your website, and how your click-through rate changes over time.

Sajari also easily integrates with Google Analytics.

Setup in minutes, not months

Add domain to crawl

Site indexed on our servers

Add synonyms and custom rules

Build an interface

That's it!

Designed for development

All the world's big businesses rely on search. Sajari gives you the same advanced technology as tech unicorns without infrastructure and development investment, and the flexibility to seamlessly integrate it into your website. We're very responsive to tickets and feature requests, too. SDKs are available for several popular languages, including Go, PHP, React, and JS.

Need more than just Site Search? eCommerce Search and a Search API 2.0 are now in beta. Contact us to get involved.

Happy customers globally:

We're really happy with the results and how quick they are, and being able to filter results to exactly what we want.

Sajari has been an excellent search solution since installation. The options we have to customize are limitless and the results are ranking really well. Thank you!

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