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Search is complicated, but Sajari makes it easy. With one simple install you can transform any search box on your site into powerful site search. Try it for yourself below.

Store demo

See how Sajari can power your site search to provide features such as instant search, typo tolerance, robust facets and filters, and personalization. For example, try typing in "pants" or misspell "trousers."

How to build this demo

The store use case above is one of dozens of use cases, but it illustrates how any site can add search. With Sajari, the store demo above can be built in about an hour. Here are some of the ways you can build this search example yourself.

Search UI builder

Sajari includes an intuitive search UI builder. Quickly configure colors, filters, views, and more.
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“Sajari is the best”.

Sajari customer, CEO

import {
} from '@sajari/react-search-ui';

React SDK

For even more control over the search UI, you can use our all new ReactJS SDK with accessible UI components you can use today.
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Advanced search

Use Sajari pipelines to deploy advanced features like natural language processing (NLP) or personalization.
Advanced Search Tutorial
“Sajari is the best”.

Sajari customer, CEO
Sajari Site Search Demo

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