Contextual recommendations

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Increase visitor engagement

Recommendations are now a vital part of increasing on-site dwell time and reducing bounce rate, which are both key to maximising traffic performance. Our recommendations work with both web sites and applications. We have prebuilt recommendations for quick website integration, but we also work on complex customized match algorithms as well.

Contextual matching

Let your customer behaviour help to better customize the content you serve them.


Recommend popular and recent content to amplify trending content.

Related content

Show people what they are interested in to increase their overall engagement.

Analytics to optimize

stats and conversions

Sajari offers several recommendation types out of the box that are easy to implement. You can also experiment and customize these to create even more powerful recommendations.

The graph displayed shows click through analytics for search and several different recommendation types. This example performed particularly well as location scaling was used to favour geographically close recommendations to the users actual latitude and longitude (Sajari automatically detects this and adds it to each users profile).

We have experience tuning recommendations to work with geolocation, time, price, categories and many other attributes. You can continually refine your data and recommendations accordingly.

Evolve and improve automatically

Sajari can index millions of documents, extract data from them and seamlessly find similar documents and matching information.

Self-learning is a major feature of Sajari that separates it from other search and matching technology. As visitors view your content and interact with search results and recommendations, Sajari learns and improves.

similar documents

Increased relevancy = more traffic

stats and conversions

Easily identify the most relevant and similar content and display that on your website to increase relevancy and page views. The Sajari engine has been used to match across billions of data points and was originally developed to identify contextual similarities in large documents, profiles and queries.

The Sajari engine is a powerful combination of super fast search and matching technology and the latest in machine learning and language processing.

Be your own Outbrain

Keep your customers on site by showing them content they came to see. The code below shows just how simple these recommendations are to implement.

  .filter("category", "=", "Design")
  .run(successCallback, failureCallback);

stats and conversions

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