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$97 / mo
50,000 records
250,000 operations
Email support
Web crawler
$247 / mo
200,000 records
1,000,000 operations
Email support
Web crawler
$497 / mo
500,000 records
2,500,000 operations
Email support
Web crawler
from $997 / mo
unlimited records
unlimited operations
Slack + Phone support
Web crawler
BigQuery access
Design assistance

Frequently Asked Questions

What currency do you charge in?


Do I need a card to signup?

No. You will need to either add one or contact us to arrange invoicing if you wish to continue your trial after the trial period.

What is an operation?

An operation is counted when you add, modify or delete a record and for searches. If you choose to use instant search (as you type), each keystroke is a new search and hence a new operation, although in practice this does not have a major impact on total operations. Multi-add and multi-delete requests incur an operation for each record.

What is a record?

A record is an individual item that can appear as a search result. Examples include web pages, customer records, products, etc.

What is a collection?

A collection is a grouping of information to query, which is analogous to a database table. You may index multiple sites into a single collection.

I have a website, how do i estimate operations and records?

Operations include indexing, reindexing, searches and clicks. The our average website search operations end up being ~7% of operations, this may vary depending on how critical search is to your site, but gives a useful baseline.

Do multiple website domains cost additional?

No they do not.

Can we use a purchase order instead of a credit card?

Yes, please get in touch to arrange alternative payment.

Can I cancel at anytime?

You can cancel at any time. Your plan will end at the conclusion of your current month.

Do you offer an SLA?

We do offer an SLA for enterprise customers. Contact us.

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