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Up and running in minutes

Sajari can be added to your Drupal CMS in minutes through a native Drupal search API module. Easily add instant search with spell checking, filters, and autocomplete, and more. Get granular control over search configuration through intuitive Drupal-native controls.
AI-powered search

Look like a genius

Advanced capabilities such as autocomplete and personalization work out of the box. No configuration required. With built-in machine learning, Sajari automatically improves search relevancy based on user behavior, so your site continuously improves results even when you're sleeping.

Machine learning for on-site search
A/B testing for site search
Real-time sync

Instant updates

Changes made in Drupal are instantly indexed and updated in your search. No need to wait for a crawler to come around or hit the sync button manually.
search relevance optimization

Identify trends early

Use built-in metrics to understand page trends and poorly performing keywords. Search analytics can help you see what searches led your users to individual pages, or which content visitors are searching for but can’t find.

Algorithm optimization

Easily test different search algorithms to find the one that improves access to content, self-service, site conversions, or any other success metric.

Data integration

Connect the Sajari search platform to your Drupal analytics — views, conversions, signups — to improve relevance automatically through machine learning.
Search metrics

Optimized for user experience

Continuously optimize each search query to improve search relevance.

Out-of-the-box search

Leverage your search data and query history to create suggestions that make your users feel like you are reading their mind. Features for autocomplete, typo tolerance, and reinforcement learning work right out-of-the-box.

Instant indexing

After you've connected Drupal and Sajari via the search API connect, you can select which content to index. Indexing itself is instant, and any changes to your pages are reflected in the search index immediately.

Built-in metrics

Discover trends, top searches, ineffective searches/zero results. Built-in metrics display overall search volume and click-through rates change over time and get a high-level understanding of how well your search is performing.

Better results with every search

Site search is continuously improved through built-in machine learning based on user behavior — from initial query to on-site conversion.

Integrate to Drupal

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  • Learn more about the Drupal connector on drupal.org or visit our documentation for a step-by-step guide getting Sajari search up and running.
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