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Add fast AI-powered Sajari smart search to your CommerceTools site in minutes to boost conversions and revenue.
Instant indexing

Instant and continuous indexing

  • Sajari is continuously indexing your product pages. Changes to pricing, product names, or product descriptions are updated instantly so you never lose an opportunity. 
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Customize your search box

Use the built-in search interface builder to design beautiful product search experiences — from the search bar to search results pages — for mobile, tablet, and desktop users. Add custom search functionality to improve usability such as:

  • Instant search
  • Spell checking
  • Autocomplete
  • Dynamic facets and filters
  • And much more
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Search design interface
Search query spell checking
Smarter search

Typo tolerance

  • Up to 25% of e-commerce search terms can contain a misspelling or typo. Sajari delivers multiple results even when your customers enter a misspelling to help them find the products they are looking for.
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Precise results

  • Create rules to deliver results for specific search queries, omit products that are out of inventory, or manage what users see when there are no results for a better user experience.
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Ecommerce search personalization
Search scaling
always on

Built for scale

  • Sajari is a cloud-native, fully-hosted application that has been battle-tested at more than 1000 queries/second, so it's ready to meet your site's demands anytime.
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case study

  • Find out how Catch, Australia’s largest online retailer, optimized its site and app search using Sajari’s machine learning-driven search solution to display more relevant products, boost conversion rates and increase profit.
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Optimized for higher conversion

Continuously optimize each product query to maximize online store conversion and revenue.

Better results with every search

Product search is continuously improved through built-in machine learning based on user behavior — from initial query to checkout.

Understand customer intent

Natural language processing (NLP) enables users to search on product data using their own search terms so you can deliver relevant search results every time. 

Results tuned by your store’s data

Connect Sajari to your Shopify store to improve relevance and maximize sales opportunities with every search.

Optimization through algorithm testing

Is it better to prioritize products with shorter shipping times or more reviews? With Sajari, you can test and optimize the search algorithm to discover which configuration improves your key metrics.

Identify trends early

Search analytics can help you see what searches led your customers to individual products, or which products customers are searching for but can’t find.


Boost product visibility on category pages or search results based on brand, customer product affinity, promotion, seasonality, or any other attribute you choose. 

Personalized site search experience

Dynamically personalize results and display relevant products to improve user experience for each customer.

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