So fast it feels instant (and it very nearly is)

Humans perceive anything less than 100 milliseconds as instantaneous. But what happens when you have to wait for more than an instant?

Speed and business performance are inexorably linked.

Google has reported a site response time increase of 400 milliseconds leads to a drop of ~0.5% in search volume.

Even a 100 millisecond delay can measurably drop conversion! Amazon has also shown delays of 100 milliseconds causes a drop in revenue of ~1%.

Speed at planet scale

It takes about 140 milliseconds for light to circle the globe. This is about 20 times longer than the median search query spends in our engine. So your conversion rates don't suffer like the above examples, we run data centers in multiple locations around the world to make sure that queries are received and results are sent as soon as possible. We're not just fast - we're nearby, too.

Crunching queries

Built from the ground up to handle highly complex queries, and engineered right down to the bits and bytes, Sajari delivers blazing fast search technology for the modern world. We don't just focus speed; we monitor it religiously:

25th Perecentile

0.005 seconds

50th Percentile

0.009 seconds

95th Percentile

0.036 seconds

As each keystroke of a search query is typed, Sajari Site Search accesses your cloud-based collection, analyzes each page’s content and metadata, sorts by relevance, and returns them to your users. It also autocompletes and suggests queries from the same data. And it all happens in the blink of an eye.

Actually, it's even faster.

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