Search UI

Everything you expect from a great search experience, and so much more that you didn’t.
Search personalization feature
smarter search

A smarter search bar

Leverage your search data and query history to create suggestions that make your users feel like you are reading their mind. Features such as autocomplete and spell checking are included out-of-the-box.

Filters and facets

Let your customers refine results with powerful, out of the box filter components. Don’t just search, discover!
Ecommerce site search filters
Spelling correct and typo tolerance
machine learning

Spell Correction

A custom model trained with your data detects mis-spellings and automatically searches for the most likely alternatives, easily outperforming common dictionary-based approaches.
Easy search design

Search interface builder

Design a search interface tailored to your site with beautifully crafted search components that can be installed in minutes. Adjust colors, position, and format. Use one of our beautiful templates, inspired by some of the worlds most loved retailers. Or create your own template, tailored to your brand, with the built-in template editor. No need for custom development.
Search interface builder feature

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