Rules and Ranking Optimization

Take control to optimize search for your business.
In addition to Sajari’s leading textual search relevancy and machine learning-powered ranking optimization, it’s important to have some level of manual control over search results. Sajari offers a powerful feature set to tailor search results to your business.
Set rules for search results
Optimized for your visitors


You’re the one who makes the rules! Use the no-code editor or advanced editor to define which results are more or less important. Use categories, URLs, margins… or any other data to define what’s important.

Automatic Re-ranking

Dynamic boosts

Use historical data to automatically elevate the right content for individual searches. If people are more likely to buy a specific brand, or from a specific category, or even specific products, this can be automatically detected and used to adjust each query accordingly.

Dynamic boost feature for site search
Search synonyms
smarter search


Ensure you speak your user's language by matching location, industry, or business-specific terminology to the every-day vocabulary users use. If you are an Australian company selling footwear in the US, you want to make sure that you have a synonym in place for “flip-flops”.
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Promotions & merchandising

Support campaigns and events with tailored search results. Promote individual results, brands, or a category of content for specific search queries.

Set rules for search results

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