Real-Time Relevance Editor

The most powerful way to optimize search relevance, in real-time.

Unleash the full-power of Sajari with real-time relevance editing, reducing the feedback loop from minutes to seconds.
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The configuration of an intelligent search algorithm can be extremely complicated. Pipelines break down this problem into smaller steps that can be easily mixed, matched, and combined to adjust the ranking algorithm or modify records at indexing time.
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Relevance editor

Adjust your search relevance seconds. The handy, built-in documentation provides guidance for every step with useful examples to help you get started.
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Real-time search preview
live relevance preview

Real-time relevance preview

The relevance preview updates as you type. Without the need to save your changes first, you can see their impact within seconds. This makes fine-tuning your search algorithm incredibly fast and easy.  
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Just like your business, search needs to continuously evolve. Versions help you keep track of changes to your search algorithm and the diff-view shows at a glance what was changed between two different versions.
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