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Reinforcement learning

Sajari uses reinforcement learning to adapt and deliver the best possible results for every search. Based on your user's behavior, Sajari will learn which results are more or less relevant, promoting the best results to the top.

Constantly adapting

Whether the latest Yeezys dropped or a health crisis changes everything, reinforcement learning adapts to the changing priorities in your user’s lives and prioritizes search results accordingly.

Identify trends early

Use built-in metrics to understand page trends and poorly performing keywords. Search analytics can help you see what searches led your users to individual pages, or which content visitors are searching for but can’t find. 

Algorithm customization

Easily test different search algorithms to find the one that improves access to content, self-service, site conversions, or any other success metric.

Search query spell checking
machine learning

Spell correction

Spelling mistakes happen to the best of us, don’t let them ruin your customer’s search experience. Unlike most search engines, Sajari doesn’t solely rely on a dictionary to identify spelling mistakes. It takes into account your data and your user's searches, then calculates the likelihood of “gold shoes” actually referring to “golf shoes.”


Tailor results to every user by leveraging the information you already have.

optimized for your visitors

Brand affinity

Did a user purchase new iPhones for the past couple of years? They are unlikely to be interested in the Samsung watch when they come back to search for a smartwatch.


Are the users located in England or Australia? Show them the right products for the right season, no matter where they are.

Bargain hunters

Who doesn’t like a good bargain? Prioritize good value products in your search result if you know that your users are price sensitive.

Ecommerce search personalization

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