A/B Testing

Continuously deliver better results
Sajari offers many levers to optimize your search results. Finding the right balance between textual relevance and business metrics is key to create a great search experience, and Sajari’s A/B testing capabilities make it easy to find the right mix.
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Design your algorithm

Design one or more search algorithms — or pipelines — to generate different search results. Then run one or more pipelines simultaneously to determine which delivers better results.
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And the winner is…

See exactly how many searches were performed with each pipeline and which one resulted in the best conversion. You can even dive into individual queries to see how the outcomes differed.
A/B testing for site search
Search metrics
Smarter optimization

Focus on outcomes

You define the outcome, Sajari identifies which pipelines will get you there.

Same index, multiple pipelines

Without the need to duplicate your entire search index, Sajari can test multiple search pipelines against the same index in realtime.

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