How can I test search in staging or development environments?

When you create a Website Search collection and add a domain, e.g., we only authorize searches from the domain that you have added. If a search request is made from a staging site or development site, e.g. or, you will get an authorization error i.e. "Authorization for this request failed. Check your credentials".

To test search in staging or development environments, you need add the domain or URL of the staging or development site in the Domains section of your Collection.

Add one or more search domains.

Make sure that the "Search from Domain" is enabled. You can also add and authorize IP addresses in the same way.

How to hide a field in a search interface?


When you generate an interface via console for a Site Search collection, we return title, description, URL, and image(optional) in the search results. In some instances, you might want to hide title, description, or URL.


Our default interface uses URL field for click-tracking, and it must be returned in response, otherwise, the click-tracking won’t function. Hence, if you try to remove URL field, it will return an error:

tracking field 'url' missing from result.


To hide ‘title’ or the ‘description’ field from the search interface:

  1. Generate an interface from the Integrate section in the console.
  2. After choosing the relevant options, and generating an interface, click on “View code“
  3. Add the “fields” parameter in the values object. See example below which will only return and render ‘title’ and ‘URL’:

values: {"q.override": true, "resultsPerPage": "10","q": getUrlParam("q"), "fields":'title,url'}