What types of user roles are available for team members on a project?

You can invite your team members to your Sajari project. To view permissions and visibility for each role, see below:

  • Owner - This user role is assigned to the member who created the account. Ownership cannot be transferred to other team members.
  • Admin - ┬áThis user role has the same level of access as the account owner and can view API keys, view/edit Billing details & Plan. Admin cannot delete an Owner.
  • Engineer - This user role can add/delete/edit Collections, Sites(domains), Schema, Rules (Boost/Exclude), Promotions , Synonyms, Re-index. An engineer can also view Analytics, Team Members, Credentials (API Key)
  • Editor- This user role can add/delete Synonyms, Rules (Boost/Exclude), Promotions. An editor can also view Analytics, Team Members, Collections, Schema, Sites
  • Viewer - ┬áThis user role can only view Analytics, Collections, Promotions, Rules, Schema, Sites, Synonyms, Team Members.