How do I integrate custom analytics with my search interface?

If you've created a search interface from the Sajari Console, you can trigger your own analytics on searches by subscribing to events from the search interface in javascript.

Interfaces are created using setup which is included when generating the interface from the Console.

var myUI = sajari.init({ /* config object */ });  

You can subscribe to events by calling your interface with the "sub" value followed by the pipeline (either pipeline or instantPipeline) and event name, then a callback. It takes the form:

myUI("sub", "<pipeline>.<event>", callback);

For example, if you are using the default inline interface and want to listen to the search-sent event, you would write:

myUI("sub", "", function(event, values) {
   console.log("Search sent with values: ", values);

For information on the events please refer to the documentation on our Github.