Do you have a list of core capabilities?

Yes, below is a very high level feature list.


  • Full text search
  • Geo search
  • Time-based search
  • Autocomplete
  • Self-optimising indexes (learn and improve results automatically)
  • Search-as-you-type (instant search)
  • Fuzzy search
  • Faceted search
  • Aggregations (time, location, category, numeric, etc)
  • Boosting (based on indexes, field info, more)
  • Filtering (complex boolean)
  • Sorting (any combination of sorts)
  • PDF, DOC, DOCX, etc. document parsing
  • Synonyms
  • Full query logging analytics


  • Matching search
  • Configurable ranking
  • Pos-neg feedback to improve ranking
  • Features (strings, numbers, times, geo, arrays, vectors)

Website Specific

  • Instant Indexing
  • Cut-and-paste UI install (overlay and in-page)
  • Recommendations (popularity, recency, contextual)
  • Automatic index improvements based on user clicks
  • Debug tool to analyze your content
  • Crawling rules to help rank your content
  • Analytics showing content deficiencies and suggested improvements
  • Tag manager-based install


  • Configurable ranking
  • Real-time index updates
  • Distributed designed backend cluster (Kubernetes) for high availability
  • gRPC-based API
  • Multiple SDKs
  • Intercom and Slack-based support options
  • NLP tools
  • Machine learning model-based feature creation
  • Pipeline-based templates for transforming queries and records