Building Great Search is Hard...

... so we designed a new type of search platform from the ground up.

Search re-imagined

Lucene, Elasticsearch, and other legacy open source search engines have been around for years. However, they aren’t built for modern search computing.

Sajari does not rely on yesterday’s technology stack. We engineered Sajari from scratch and designed our search engine to run more like a database for incredibly fast indexing, instant upserts, and easy fine-tuning.

Sajari architecture
Machine learning to the core

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AI-powered search
Pipelines for easy configuration

Customizing and configuring search with spellchecking, search suggestions, natural language processing (NLP), or other search features shouldn’t be hard. We introduced pipelines to provide a simple, intuitive way for any developer to configure and tailor search.

Search pipelines for configuration
Fully hosted

With Sajari, anyone can set up and configure search in minutes, all without having to worry about infrastructure management. Sajari is battle-tested at 1000 queries per second. You made not need that kind of scale today, but when you do, we have you covered.

Configure search