Top Six Reasons Why Your Website Needs Better Search

Top Six Reasons Why Your Website Needs Better Search

Still using an out of the box solution for (internal) search on your website so users can actually find what they are looking for? Shame. Your website is likely leaking sales, leads and page views to your competitors or of course, another Google search. Those unfulfilled users are likely hitting the eject and going elsewhere in their daily quest to find what they are looking for.

Here are the top six reasons why you need custom search solution (like Sajari) on your website right now.

More Page Views

If users can’t find what they are looking for they are going to leave your website and find answers elsewhere. Placing a more prominent search field on your website and highlighting its usefulness is going to get users to the content they are seeking faster.

Longer Dwell Time On Your Site

Dwell times on websites can increase substantially if you provide an effective search solution. By providing the right content that is exactly what a user is looking for, users will spend more time reading because they are highly engaged in your content. Your dwell time can go through the roof and we have seen this happen time and again.

Better Conversion

This is particularly relevant to e-commerce customers, but applies to all websites. Conversion XL reports that some websites have seen up to a 43% increase in conversions from site visitors that use internal search. Helping users find the products they want to buy is absolutely key if you want to have a higher conversion rate.

Better Retention

By providing an effective search solution, users will have a much more positive experience on your site. You didn’t muck users around, you didn’t waste their time, you provided them exactly what they want when they wanted it. You’ll retain more users if you give them a high quality experience.

Answer User Questions

Search is fundamentally about answering a user’s question. If you’re not answering user’s questions and leading them closer to the answers they desire, they will go and ask their questions elsewhere. Be the Oracle. Answer your user’s questions.

Learn What Your Users Want

Most website owners spend all day pouring through their Google Analytics seeking insights into their user audience. Wouldn’t it be great if you could find out exactly what people are looking for on your website in a more human way? Or discover what products or things they are looking for that your website isn’t offering? The analytics of natural language search is a wealth of user insight that no serious website can afford to do without. You’ll find some nuggets of gold amongst your user’s typed-in search queries.

Hopefully this gives you a better idea of why improved site search might work for you. Need help getting search up to scratch? Get started with our website search product.

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