Monday, August 17, 2020

Help Us Shape the Next Generation of Search Technology

Jon Silvers

Help us shape the next generation of search technology  

Out of the box, most search engines do a good job of providing decent results reasonably quickly.

It’s tempting, but dangerous, to set it and forget it — to configure your search engine and assume the results look OK for your audience. 

Tempting because results seem good enough and, frankly, adjusting search algorithms can be overly complex and hard to measure. Dangerous because your website visitors might disappear and not return.

Up to half of your website visitors will immediately try your site search. For ecommerce sites, these visitors make up 45% of your revenue. A poor experience will send them back to your competition.

Re-engineering search

Over the past year we have worked with amazing customers like Unity3D, Sennheiser, Lockheed Martin, and to fine-tune the technology and APIs. Now we are ready to take the next step on our mission to enable every organization to create smart search experiences. We provide the tools to help every developer and data analyst build, measure, and iterate to a great search experience. The results we’ve seen with Sajari customers like Catch, who boosted revenues by 10% after switching from Algolia, speak for themselves. 

There’s nothing else on the market that we know of that offers the same deep configurability, ease of customization and testing the search algorithm, easy versioning and rollback, and intuitive UX. That’s why we would love your feedback on what we’ve built. 

Calling for early beta testers

We are providing early access to the new Sajari to gather feedback before launching our public beta. Are you developing a website, app, or ecommerce application that could benefit from better search technology? We want to hear from you

And watch this space! We will be announcing the public beta soon. 

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