How Poorly Managed Site Search Can Also Affect Your SEO

How Poorly Managed Site Search Can Also Affect Your SEO

Do you appreciate the hidden magic of that little search box at the top of your website? When your site search is working optimally it can seem like it is reading your customers’ minds. They type a couple of letters, are given search suggestions (assuming you have well set up site search), and bam, they’re exactly what they wanted to go, even if they’ve typed an obscure query and your site includes tens of thousands of pages. It’s akin finding a needle in a haystack. But just like a real-life “psychic” your website search needs the right “cues” or data to do its job properly.

Check your site search and SEO health across 14 factors

Site search is a bit like mind reading… no, really.

Website content can come in the form of unstructured data, like paragraphs of text, or structured data, like URLs, metadata, headings, sections, server status codes, social media links and more. If your site is setup poorly it is feeding your search engine confusing signals, making it much harder to deliver relevant results to your customers. Not only does this make it difficult for your on-site search to do its job, but can also have a negative impact on search engine optimization (SEO).

Assess your site in under a minute.

Some of the issues we see regularly that harm effective search and SEO are missing titles and descriptions, duplicate content, incorrect canonicals and web servers that don’t properly handle www. redirection, capitalisation and HTTP/HTTPS duplication.

Quickly audit your SEO and search set up

All of this can be a bit overwhelming for those in a technical role, let alone marketers and business website owners. So, we’ve put together a handy tool that analyzes your site content and configuration for you and let’s you know where you have room for improvement.

The full report includes analysis of:

  • HTML structure
  • duplicate content and URLs
  • opengraph tags
  • entities
  • canonicals
  • query parameter usage
  • page speed and server configuration

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