You probably think your existing search is fine.

Sure it’s a bit slow, there’s no spellcheck, and it could probably use a few filters, but it returns okay-ish results. Why should I upgrade it?

The reality is your users expect a lot more. Web search engines like Google and DuckDuckGo are used daily and are incredibly advanced. Users want site search functions to have the same features as web search engines, which is why basic or out-of-the-box search solutions are no longer good enough.

Here are 14 features you can leverage to improve your existing site search - all available with Sajari.

1. Instant Indexing


No one likes waiting for re-crawls, or manually adding new content to your search index. Instant Indexing means any new or updated content is added to your index automatically - without you lifting a finger.

2. Autocorrect/Fuzzy Match


People are lazy. Well, this isn’t exactly true but typing patterns are definitely not as accurate as they once were. Fuzzy match autocorrects misspelled keywords so the correct search results are returned. Ever deliberately misspell a word in Google, knowing this will happen automatically? You’re not the only one.

3. Autocomplete

Everyone loves seeing what others have searched before. Autocomplete uses a combination of previous search queries combined with your site content to display the best query suggestions. Users can select these to pre-fill their search query instantly.

4. Instant Search

Want to take it further? Instant Search uses the top autocomplete suggestion to instantly run a query and return the top results - ready to be clicked. The best result has been returned before you’ve even finished typing.

5. Boost Rules


You know your site best. Boost rules allow you to influence results to change how they’re ordered. Boost entire subdomains or individual URLs - the power is yours.

6. Exclude Rules


Want to restrict what you can find from a search? Exclude rules let you determine exactly what is included in your index - without messing around with <noindex> tags. Just enter what you would like to exclude and this is immediately stripped from your index.

7. Filters

Filters are not only an elegant way to order search results pages, but are an expectation users have when searching. Use filters to broadly classify results and eliminate search results that don’t match.

8. Facets

Like filters, users expect facets when searching but these are more specific. Facets are a great way to classify detailed result attributes like time, color, size, genre - whatever you can think of. Users can select these for high-level filtering and remove search results that aren’t relevant.

9. Analytics

Tony Babel

What good is site search if you can’t check how it’s performing? Search analytics let you dive into the specifics and check what users are searching for, and if they’re finding it. Drill-down into search success by segmenting analytics by IP address and geolocation.

10. Synonyms


Do you ever wish your site could speak the same language as your users? Synonyms let you relate query keywords to the content on your site. If you ever wished searches for “shirt” returned products for “blouse” - these are for you.

11. Machine Learning Optimization


Everyone’s talking about AI now, but surely that’s only for massive Fortune 500 companies, right? Wrong. Delight in the spoils of machine learning with search result optimization - results get better over time automatically using user click data.

12. Speed


Leave out-of-the-box search in the dust. Sajari average search speed is 0.02 seconds. Enough said.

13. Promotions

Pin seasonal or important content to the top of the results page. If you need your users to click on a page or limited-time-product, promote it to the top of search results so it’s seen by all of your users.

14. Crawling


If you’ve ever wrangled with an API, you know how difficult connecting one can be. Search engine crawlers fire out and grab all of your pages automatically. Just enter your domain and all of your accessible pages will be added to your index, ready to be searched.

For more customization, more performance, more speed, more smarts, and to supercharge your site’s search, make sure you check out Sajari.

Don’t get left behind. Get your hands on a free Sajari trial.

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Looking to improve your site's search?

Sajari is a fully-featured search platform for your site, ecommerce store or app that includes machine learning powered results, powerful analytics and fully flexible interface options. Sign-up for a free 14-day trial today or contact us at for more information.

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