How to Build Smart E-commerce Search without Breaking a Sweat

How to Build Smart E-commerce Search without Breaking a Sweat

Studies show that up to 30% of your website visitors want to search your online store, and those that do make up a huge proportion of your revenue. Search is tough. Odds are you don’t have the same budget as to hire thousands of full-time search engineers.

The good news is that you don’t need to hire a battalion of engineers to build really smart search anymore, and we wrote a 10-step tutorial to show you how. 

If you have some knowledge of YAML, a popular syntax used in many applications for configuration, you can create really powerful site search. Features such as personalization, spell correction, and natural language processing can be set up easily. 

One of our goals with Sajari was to offer a solution to not only streamline the construction of great search but also the analytics and data workflows to create an ongoing flywheel of continual improvement. We wanted to put that power into the hands of any developer.

If that sounds like something your site could benefit from, have a read-through of our tutorial Advanced E-commerce Search in 10 Steps and let us know what you think.

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