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How can you sell more inventory-based products with intelligent site search.

To sell more products and to convert your customers into loyal shoppers, you need to have a high-quality search feature across your site. Here we share why Sajari is the perfect site search choice for websites selling parts and products with high inventories.

Query understanding 101

Query understanding is the process of analyzing search queries and translating them into an enhanced query that can produce better search results. It’s one of the most important keys to great search experiences.

Why good site search is important for city websites.

Relevant, smart and fast site search is integral for city and local government websites. When citizens can't self-serve answers to their questions, they go to your support desk. Here are some key features that make Sajari the best search solution for city websites.

What are search engine crawlers, and how do they work?

Ever wondered how Google works? Here we explain how search engine crawlers work, and how Instant Indexing by Sajari is improving them.

14 Ways To Improve Your Site Search

Basic and out-of-the-box search solutions aren't good enough anymore. Here are 14 easy ways you can improve your on-site search using Sajari.

WCAG Compliance for Site Search - A Beginners Guide

If you are improving or implementing search functionality on your website, ensuring accessibility can be difficult. This blog gives you a step-by-step guide to ensuring that your site search experience is compliant with WCAG or ADA requirements.

2019 is the year voice search goes mainstream. Here’s how to harness it:

Voice controlled devices are everywhere. Alexa, Cortana and Siri are familiar names, but have you considered voice search for your site? We break down how it works and why Sajari should power your site's voice search.

Increase your conversions using site search - your untapped data goldmine

Site search data is full of rich information, and there's plenty you can learn from it about your customers. Here's how to leverage your site search data to optimize your site for conversions.

GSA’s 2019 shutdown is coming: How to ensure a quick and painless migration

The imminent GSA shut down means you need to find a replacement search product quickly. Here are the key things to consider when migrating to a new cloud search solution.

5 Actionable Techniques for Site Search Optimization That Work

A comprehensive guide to optimizing your site search. Get all the tips and techniques to improve your meta information and content for site search.

Why we don't recommend you manually order your search results

Potential customers sometimes ask us whether we allow you to set your own search results for queries. We don't, and we probably never will - here's why.

The definitive guide to the difference between filters and facets

Filters and facets are different. Both are essential tools for search but many people use the terms interchangeably. A quick guide on how they're different, where they're used online and how Sajari gives you the tools to use them yourself.

Why you should care about the humble canonical tag (and why 56% of web pages don't).

Canonical tags have been around for about six years now, but they're still one of the most underused tools in content publishing. Often confused, misused, and sometimes abused, the canonical is vitally important to searching content on the internet and on your own site.

Drastically Improve Your Website's UX by Improving Site Search

If your website visitors find it difficult to search for content or products on your website, you are losing on sales and conversions. Here are 8 ways to improve your site search experience.

How second-rate site search is costing you money

Searching is now integral for ecommerce success. Not only does intelligent search give your users an organized and pleasant experience, but it also has a measurable ROI too.

The inevitable collision of Search and AI tech

How can we maximize the learning rate and knowledge utilization while an information explosion is taking place? Our founder gives his views on this blog.

Machine learning is the future. Here’s why your search should be using it right now.

The future of site search is machine learning. A quick overview of what machine actually is, how it can be used, and how we're using at Sajari for the most relevant search.

Building a user-friendly search API: Writing a JavaScript SDK with TypeScript

The Sajari JS SDK allows developers to quickly and easily query the Sajari API from web browsers. It can be used to build anything from search interfaces to recommendations widgets for websites and webapps.

Does your search suck? Demystify your search and SEO health

Checking that your site has everything it needs to search properly and rank correctly.

BigQuery, a serverless data warehouse

Why we use BigQuery for our data warehousing, how we save money, and how it scales.