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Introducing the New Open Source React Search SDK

Introducing the new React Search SDK. Our goal with this release is to give developers greater control over styling, improved filtering, and a way to use hooks with their own content library.

Meeting the Standards of the 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act

The Integrated Digital Experience Act is a set of guidelines for US government websites to deliver good customer experience. Learn why an accurate search feature is necessary for government websites, and how Sajari can help you meet the requirements of the IDEA.

Sajari Can Now Power Your Shopify Search

The same technology that powers some of the largest e-commerce stores in the world is now available to Shopify retailers.

Introducing Sajari Pipelines for Intelligently Engineered Search

Learn how to use pipelines to break down complex indexing and querying problems into smaller pieces that can be mixed, matched and combined to create incredibly powerful custom search solutions.

What Are the Tradeoffs Between Schema and Schemaless?

While there's no explicit right or wrong for how you run your app, understanding the costs and tradeoffs between schema and schemaless architecture is critical to making good decisions. When it comes to search, however, there's really only one choice.

Introducing Sajari: Search Re-engineered

We’re excited to announce the all-new Sajari is in beta today. With the release of this beta, we are introducing pipelines, a new and powerful way for app and ecommerce developers to configure search.

Motivating Ecommerce Customers to Buy - 3 Tips From Google’s Ecommerce Trends Report

What motivates customers to click and buy when shopping online? Learn how to adapt your digital customer experience to the ecommerce trends highlighted in Google’s Online Shopping Trends report.

Meet the All-New Sajari UI

We've updated the Sajari console’s navigation structure to make it even easier to build and manage delightful search experiences.

Help Us Shape the Next Generation of Search Technology

We are re-launching Sajari soon. There’s nothing else on the market that we know of that offers the same deep configurability, ease of customizing and testing the search algorithm, easy versioning and rollback, and intuitive UX. That’s why we would love your feedback on what we’ve built.

WCAG Compliance for Site Search - a Beginner's Guide

If you are improving or implementing search functionality on your website, ensuring accessibility can be difficult. This blog gives you a step-by-step guide to ensuring that your site search experience is compliant with WCAG or ADA requirements.

The Definitive Guide to the Difference Between Filters and Facets

Filters and facets are different. Both are essential tools for search but many people use the terms interchangeably. A quick guide on how they're different, where they're used online and how Sajari gives you the tools to use them yourself.

Why You Should Care About the Humble Canonical Tag (And Why 56% of Web Pages Don't)

Canonical tags are vital for a great search experience, whether you are browsing the web or doing an internal website search.

How to Fix the Out of Stock Product Problem Using Onsite Search

No one likes finding out of stock products when trying to buy online. Find out how to optimize ecommerce shopping experiences by adapting your onsite search to handle stockouts and changing inventory.

New: Exploring Your Search Data

We've made it even easier for you to monitor how your users interact with your data with improved search analytics.

Better Understand Your Users With Search Analytics, and Experience No-Code Query Testing

We've updated the Sajari Console, to make it easier to get an overview of how your search is performing, and to test different search strategies without writing any code.

Why I Joined Sajari After 15 Years at Atlassian

Chief Product Officer at Sajari, Jens Schumacher, talks about why he left Atlassian to lead Sajari's product team.

The Hidden Magic Behind Search Engines, and How They Work

Search engines are used daily, but did you ever wonder how they actually work? Here we take you behind-the-scenes of a simple Sajari search process and demonstrate how Sajari turns a search query into a list of relevant results.

How Can You Sell More Inventory-Based Products With Intelligent Site Search

To sell more products and to convert your customers into loyal shoppers, you need to have a high-quality search feature across your site. Here we share why Sajari is the perfect site search choice for websites selling parts and products with high inventories.

Query Understanding 101

Query understanding is the process of analyzing search queries and translating them into an enhanced query that can produce better search results. It’s one of the most important keys to great search experiences.

Why Good Site Search Is Important for Government Websites

Relevant, smart and fast site search is integral for government websites. When citizens can't self-serve answers to their questions, they go to your support desk. Here are some key features that make Sajari the best search solution for government websites.