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Replace Google Site Search (GSS) with Sajari Site Search. Self-optimizing, customizable and fast.

Get set up in minutes. No development needed. No infrastructure to manage.


Search results improve themselves based on customer behavior.


Insightful analytics, customizable rankings, flexible design.

Search facets and filters

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  • Sajari features your favorite GSS search features:
  • Simple setup — just copy and paste, live in minutes
  • Fast, relevant search results
  • Spelling correction, autocomplete, and synonyms
  • Mobile-friendly PDFs and DOCs indexed and returned in search results
  • Multi-domain support — search all of your subdomains and even entirely separate domains
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Smarter search

Grow with Sajari

  • Powerful features for improving search success.
  • Machine learning tunes results automatically
  • Set ranking rules to ensure critical content is never missed
  • Analytics dashboards — see what's trending and where you have under-peroforming content
  • Send data to Google Analytics straight out-of-the-box (quick JavaScript integration for other platforms)
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Search metrics
Search design interface
continous improvement

Sajari is different

  • Other Google Site Search replacements require manual tweaking to set the order of results. Sajari is different. We use your customer behavior to adapt your search results automatically - no more manual curation.

    Sajari indexes all your content automatically by adding a small snippet of code to your website. New pages become searchable instantly, so our advanced learning can ensure your customers always see your most relevant content.

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Relevant results

Measurably increase search relevance and performance through smart site search.


Automatically correct spelling mistakes, pre-fill common queries and match words and their derivatives.


Add your own word mapping for brand-specific terms.

Customizable ranking

Boost, down-weight and pin results to ensure customers see your most valuable, highest-converting pages.

Discover missed opportunities

Powerful Analytics allow you to assess search trends quickly so you can rapidly adapt to your users’ needs.

Advanced filtering

Easily generate filters based on your page information giving you full control over what your users see or don't see.

Instant results

Implement instant search on your website. Results update as you type, no need to press enter or load a new page to see results.

How Sajari compares to GSS

  • Index update

  • Cross-domain search

  • PDF and Doc support

  • Facets

  • Aggregates

  • Synonyms

  • Content debug tool

  • Copy and paste install

  • No advertising in results

  • Instant search (as you type)

  • Geo search

  • Self-improving results

  • Multi-lingual

  • Analytics

  • Google Analytics

  • Adobe Analytics

  • BigQuery Analytics

  • API

  • Instant
  • Configurable
  • JSON and gRPC
  • Periodic
  • Latin-based
  • Configurable
  • XML

"With Sajari we’ve definitely delivered. Our results are more relevant to our customers and we’re able to sell more of the products that matter to us, which has resulted in huge improvements to our bottom line." customer logo
Dr. Liron Nehmadi |

“We haven't had a single problem using Sajari for our global website. We use each language we have to manipulate the rankings based on inventory, embargos, and local specials. The program is easy to use, quick to learn, and powerful.”

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Ronald Szymanski | Sennheiser

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