The Smartest GSA Replacement

Sajari Search is an intelligent cloud-based replacement for Google Search Appliance

Why switch to Sajari?

Quick set up

Make the switch to the cloud painlessly. With our documentation and support, you'll be up and running in no time.

Machine learning

Sajari uses your customer behavior and advanced machine learning models to optimize your search results automatically.

Cost efficiency

Get cutting-edge technology that's constantly evolving for a fraction of the typical investment, while eliminating infrastructure and maintenance costs.

Search facets and filters

All the GSA features

    • Fast and relevant search results
    • Result biasing and removing URLs using meta information
    • Spelling correction, autocomplete, suggestions, related queries and synonyms
    • Easy responsive interface creation; mobile friendly out-of-the-box
    • Indexes a wide range of document types including PDFs and DOCs
    • Filters and facets to drill down into search results
    • Supports multiple domains and subdomains
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Smarter search

Customization rules

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Set rules for search results
always up-to-date

Instant indexing

  • There's no waiting for periodic recrawls with Sajari. New pages become searchable instantly, and our advanced learning models ensure your customers will always see your most relevant content.
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Instant indexing
Search metrics
search insights

Smart analytics

  • Uncover valuable customer data you couldn't previously access. Learn what your customers are looking for, whether they find it, and what they do next.

    Discover which searches are ineffective, where you might need to improve your search configuration, how your click-through rates change over time, and monitor your plan usage.

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The easiest migration ever

In a few easy steps you can set up intelligent search that continuously improves search results.

Send data to Sajari for indexing

Sajari can crawl it if it's a website, or you can ingest data via our API.

Add synonyms and custom rules

Easily recreate your GSA configuration.

Build an interface

Use a template or create your own interface for integration on your website or portal.

Analyze and optimize

Use analytics to continuously improve and optimize your search.

"With Sajari we’ve definitely delivered. Our results are more relevant to our customers and we’re able to sell more of the products that matter to us, which has resulted in huge improvements to our bottom line." customer logo
Dr. Liron Nehmadi |

“We haven't had a single problem using Sajari for our global website. We use each language we have to manipulate the rankings based on inventory, embargos, and local specials. The program is easy to use, quick to learn, and powerful.”

Sennheiser customer logo
Ronald Szymanski | Sennheiser

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