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The Best Elasticsearch Alternatives

Elasticsearch is great for full-text  log analysis, but less-so for site search and e-commerce search. Fortunately, there are great alternatives available today.

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The Best Solr Alternatives

Built on top of Lucene, Apache Solr is a powerful legacy enterprise search engine. Solr has a huge community and is used in many applications, but there are newer alternatives available.

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The Best Lucene Alternatives

Lucene is the godfather of API site search, but it has been eclipsed by Elasticsearch and Solr. New cloud native search solutions may be a better choice for your next project.

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The Best Google Site Search Alternatives

Google is a powerful internet search engine, but it's on-site search products are ad-driven, have limited functionality, and little support. Here's what to look for when picking a new solution for your site.

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The Best Algolia Alternatives

Algolia is a popular hosted search engine known for its speed and ease of use. But it has its critics, too, particularly around the complexity of managing rules and its high indexing costs.

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