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Why use Sajari?

Search is hard

Do you really want to manage your own instances, indexes, data synchronization?

Great search = $

Great search and recommendations increase conversion and revenue.


Search mirrors customer intent. Instantly see what your customers want.

Reinvent your approach

Get your content searchable without complex development and integration.

Expert advice

We work with big and small companies. Millions of requests every day...

Think different

Our realtime search index can also power your on-site recommendations. Two for one!

Intelligent and evolving search indexes

Your self-improving search index

Unlike typical search indexes, Sajari is constantly learning and adapting to your customer behaviour.

Site search and recommendations can be installed in minutes via JavaScript or your tag management platform (e.g. GTM). Once installed, content consumption is automatically communicated to Sajari to update your search / recommendation index. e.g. As new pages appear they are indexed instantly. As pages become popular, they automatically rank higher in search results and recommendations.

Once your data is automatically indexing, the same install script enables easy integration of plugins, such as search boxes, recommendations and much more.

Powerful API

A rich REST API for advanced implementations. And many configuration options to supercharge your deployment.

search and website personalization


Sajari serves millions of requests every day. We've worked with single indexes exceeding 100GB of data (the entire Wikipedia dataset is ~50GB) and have spent years desiging complex search and matching algorithms being used by major companies around the globe.


Our infrastructure scales with you as you grow. Scaling is no longer your issue.


Sajari handles millions of requests each day. Every request is logged and monitored.


Great search engineers are here to help get you up and running.

Get up and running in minutes

Websites can install globally across their site in minutes with a simple cut and paste of JavaScript (this is asynchronous and does not impact page load times or performance). Apps can use our SDKs or API directly.

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Some key features

Customize search results

Easily customize the ranking of search results, as well as the appearance and fields displayed.

Powerful analytics

See what people are searching for, where they are. Track anomalies and poorly performing queries.


No more periodic crawls. Your index is always up to date, new content is indexed as soon as it is viewed.

Customize your data

Augment your content with extra index information like location, categories, images and more.


Layer user browsing habits with searches and recommendations to personalize your site.

Custom RSS syndication

Automatically created RSS for recent pages added, or custom created from searches, tags, categories, etc.

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