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Search is hard

Do you really want to manage your own instances, indexes, data synchronization?

Great search = $

Great search and recommendations increase conversion and revenue.

Intent Analytics

Searches mirror customer intent. Instantly see what your customers want.

Reinvent your approach

Get your content searchable without complex development and integration.

Expert advice

We work with big and small companies. Millions of requests every day...

Machine ranking

Optimize result rankings for individual searches automatically

Fast website search integrations

Your self-improving search index

Site search can be installed into websites in minutes via JavaScript or your tag management platform (e.g. GTM).

Content engagement is automatically communicated to Sajari to update your search index and ranking algorithms.

New pages are indexed as soon as they are discovered. Popularity of content changes search ranking in real-time.


A rich HTTP/2 gRPC based API for advanced implementations. Multiple SDK's including PHP, Go, JavaScript, ReactJS (browser and native compatible). It is also easy to generate SDK's for other languages using gRPC, contact us for details.

search and website personalization


Sajari serves millions of requests every day. We've worked with single indexes exceeding 800GB of data (the entire Wikipedia dataset is ~50GB) and have spent years desiging complex search and matching algorithms being used by major companies around the globe.


Autoscaling infrastructure using Kubernetes.


We monitor and log millions of requests each day.


Here to help you build a great search experience.

Get up and running in minutes

Websites can install globally across their site in minutes with a simple cut and paste of JavaScript (this is asynchronous and does not impact page load times or performance). Apps can use our SDKs or API directly.

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Millions of requests daily. Happy customers around the globe:

Sajari enabled Foxtel to replace our physical search appliance in weeks rather than months, with no backend changes. Our search results come through faster, are more relevant, and can now be fine-tuned by the online producers who have intimate knowledge of site content.

Willem Paling

We moved from Solr to Sajari and have only one regret; we didn’t do it sooner!

Daniel Graham
Cirrus Media
Successful businesses use Sajari